About Kristina:

I'm a designer of all things. I'm an leadership and personal development coach, a product designer, an interior designer, an outdoor experiential guide, a photographer and a film producer, and newbie ukulele player.

I believe ANYTHING can be designed when you have a set of values, boundaries, and access to your intuition to guide you. 

Through coaching, I help people design their life and homes using a values-based framework that points them in their direction of their "true north".

When you don't use the framework, it's easy to get lost in the status quo, feeling unhappy, anxious, and out of control of your own life. Sound like your life right now? If so, read on. (Otherwise, good job being true to yourself!)

What all this means as your coach:

Together, we'll create YOUR personal values framework that always points you in the direction of your true self and we'll work on strengthening your intuition muscle—bringing your rational mind and heart together as one. By doing these two things alone and you practicing them daily, you'll be able to take on your biggest dreams and most unexpected challenges as your fearlessly bold self even long after we've completed our coaching program together.

Curious? Sign up for a free sample session to learn your first value in your values framework.

Not just your average coach:

I don't half-ass things and I believe that some things are really important to invest in, especially myself and YOU, and paying for quality training and experiences.

I'm a certified CPCC (Certified Professional CoActive Coach) through the Coaches Training Institute (think the Ivy League of executive coaching). This means you're getting executive leadership coaching, the stuff CEOs and VPs at big companies get!

Yes, coaching is expensive. It's also worth it if you're willing to invest in yourself.

The time you put in and outside of our sessions will be life changing if you practice it. Read these client testimonials to see how coaching impacted their lives.


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