Group coaching packages

You're not alone! Be a part of an intimate women-only group coaching circle that supports, inspires and invites you to be your amazing and unapologetic self to live your life outside of the status quo. [6 session program]


1 on 1 coaching packages

As much as we'd love it to, life never stays the same (and for good reason!).
Let's work together for 6 months to create stability in this time of change and allow your brilliant self to live the intentional and amazing life you worked so hard for.


Wayfinding through chaos

Life went off the rails and it's time to get back on track. Learn how to thrive in this time of chaos despite your circumstances. [12 session program]


You've taken a big leap to become an entrepreneur...
now what?
 [12 session program]

Career Wanderlust

You've worked your ass off to get here, but now it's time for a change. Design your next career move with intention and confidence. [12 session program]

Sessions à la carte

Try out a Discovery Session or a regular coaching session before you commit to a package.


find your true north

Discover what your must-haves are in life and take a stand to being unapologetically you.
[1.5 hour à la carte session]


"Campfire" chat

For those unexpected times when you need support to help process your thoughts.
[1 hour à la carte session] 


"I don’t think I would be where I am right now without Kristina’s coaching. I felt very set in some of my decisions, but not for the right reasons. I thought that I had examined my values on my own, but I didn’t have the skillset or the right discipline to ensure that they guided my life. Finding a way to address those choices step-by-step and getting to the bottom of my own misguided beliefs about the life I built for myself - and making it ok to tear that down - I don’t think I could have gotten there on my own."



"I have had only two sessions with Kristina, and my mind is blown. In a very short time, she really got to the meat What my values are, what my life purpose is, how my inner voice is self-sabotaging. I've been in therapy on and off for 25 years, and I've never had someone guide me to these places. Kristina is funny and warm and pushes me without being pushy. She's given me concrete tools to help me be the best me--tools that are easy to use and profoundly effective."



"I look forward to each coaching session with Kristina. It feels like every session is a cloud of doubt is lifted from being my best. She helps me realize what I value most, making it the compass of every decision I choose."



“I was introduced to Kristina’s work at a critical time in my life. Her full-focused approach initiated the healing process right away. Kristina is a talented listener. She is compassionate and most importantly, realistic! Kristina was able to guide me to the core of my values and support me with maintaining motivation to continue on the path of self-acknowledgement. I have immense gratitude for our time together. Our world is a better place because of Kristina’s work.”



"Kristina is amazing. She helped me so much by helping me to identify my values and align them with everything!! From relationships to work to any type of decision. By doing this, I learned that everything falls into place much better and it makes sense!! It was mind-blowing to me. Kristina gets to the heart of who you are and focuses on bringing that person out and helps you to be your authentic self. My work with her was life changing for me. I am in such a better place personally, emotionally, as well as, professionally.  I'm doing work I have dreamed of for 6 yrs! I can't say enough. If you want to get to the next level of yourself, your relationships, your professional life, with anything, spend some time with Kristina. I am forever grateful that I met her and was able to work with her and now call her my friend."